10 Simple Wallet-Friendly Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen

Often the heart of the home, the kitchen can quickly take on a life of it’s own. These 10 ideas to organize your kitchen will help you reclaim the space!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the kitchen with all the items that need to be stored there. Making your home a relaxing retreat is as simple and inexpensive as rethinking your storage solutions.  Whether you’ve been there for years or just moved in, we’re sure that some of these ideas will come in handy!

1. Organize Your Kitchen Starting With Water Bottle Storage

simple kitchen hacks

credit: BHG

Water bottles are odd shapes and sizes and always seem to fall out of the cabinet when you open the door. This creative idea to use magazine holders for storage might be a lifesaver!

2. Hide Kitchen Appliance Cords With This Simple Hack

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Dreaming DIY

Command Strips are the perfect solution to those awkward, pesky appliance cords!

3. Keep The Family Organized Starting With The Pantry Door

simple kitchen hacks

credit: DIY Network

You write a shopping list on scrap paper and then like magic, they seem to go missing when you’re ready to go to the store. With this solution, everyone knows where the list is and you can keep it updated throughout the week!

4. Organize Your Kitchen Spices For Easy Access

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Barry and Christy

Often the very front of your cabinets is unused space. These broom holders held in place with tacky strips is a great way to put those spices right where you need them!

5. No More Trash Bags Rolling Across The Room

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Simply Organized

Trash bag rolls are always hard to store.  A couple of inexpensive curtain rod hooks and a dowel can quickly solve your trash bag storage woes!

6. Organize Your Kitchen Refrigerator Drawers

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Before It’s News

This handy solution will help keep your veggies right where you want them in an easy to grab location. No more smashed spinach under heavy carrots!

7. Rethink How You Store Your Dishes

simple kitchen hacks

credit: DIY Network

Ceramic plates and bowls can be really heavy and a pain to fit in the cabinet.  We love this creative way to store like items for ease of use.

8. As Easy As Wrapping Paper

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Then She Made

This idea has been around for a while but continues to be a favorite. A old soda can box is the perfect fit for canned food storage.  Choose your favorite paper and label away!

9. No More Fighting With Your Bakeware

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Good Housekeeping

Use expandable curtain rods for an incredibly simple and affordable solution to organizing your kitchen baking sheets and cutting boards!

10. Keep Your Freezer Organized

simple kitchen hacks

credit: Pinterest

It’s easy to pile everything in to the freezer and forget what you have purchased because you can’t see it. Hanging shelves and freezer-safe tubs make storage problems a thing of the past!

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