Skin Care Tips – Why It’s Good To Have Tough Skin

skin care tips

Women all over the world work a lot to get smooth and beautiful skin. But when they are suggested to get tough skin as a tip, they shy away from it. They have this misconception that tough skin means rough and unattractive skin.

This is a common misconception mainly due to advertisement who seduce people into buying their products describing facial skin with words like smooth, soft, etc. This creates a misunderstanding among women that skin must be soft and delicate to be beautiful.

Another misconception about tough skin is that women often think tough means thick and hard skin. But do not be deceived by such language. The truth about skin is that your skin is beautiful, smooth and healthy because it is tough and thick. Your skin has 7 layers of protection and it is designed to protect your body and not to serve a means of beautifying your looks. Tough and thick skin means it is well structured and protects your body effectively from external sources. A tough skin will also be smooth to touch but it won’t be delicate.

How to get beautiful skin?

We had beautiful skin when we were younger. But s we age our skin produces less collagen and elastin that toughens our skin. Delicate skin is not a good thing. It cannot protect our body effectively. Also delicate skin is more prone to creases and wrinkles. You will look older than your age. Thin skin begins to sag sooner. Even bags under your eyes are due to thin skin.

So whenever offers you a tip on tough skin don’t run away or ignore it. They are actually pointing you in the right direction to take care of your skin. The way to get tough skin is to increase collagen and elastic in your skin.

There are many cosmetic companies which sell beauty products claiming that their product contains collagen and elastin. While it is not a lie, it is a deception.

Even though such beauty product contains collagen and elastin they are too large for your skin to absorb. So even if you use such products, they give you temporary benefit. What this means is that when you apply such creams, you will get smooth and younger skin only until you wash them off. Then it will go back to its original structure.

What is the solution?

If you are looking for tough and thick skin, then you should look for products that stimulate your body to produce collagen and elastic and not the products that contain them. Look only for natural products that does not have any additives or preservatives. When used regularly it will boost the production of collagen and elastin giving you tough and beautiful skin.

Whenever you search for beauty products look for products that contains ingredients which boost collagen and elastin. Some of the best beauty products contains extracts from New Zealand and Amazon forests in Brazil.

Due to the reach of internet you will not have hard time finding the right beauty product for you. Some of the recommended are Maracuja, Babassu from Amazon forests and Extend TK from New Zealand.

If you are serious about taking care of your skin, then take this one skin care tip to your heart. If you follow it, it will completely transform your skin health and beauty.

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