The Boiled Egg Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s world it has become difficult for us to escape from the rise of processed foods. So much that even the raw food materials that we use for our cooking are also processed in some way. This has become difficult for people to decide what can be included in their diet.

Due to work-life imbalance people are giving little attention to the daily diet. This has given rise to many diet programs for such people. While the result of many of such diet programs are still unknown, there are several diet plans that might actually work if followed with a proper plan.

One such diet is the boiled egg diet. There are several versions of boiled egg diet is available. But people are confused how to follow this diet. Should you eat just boiled eggs all day? While eggs are good source of protein and fat, having so many eggs everyday will elevate your cholesterol levels and also deprive you of other essential nutrients.

So should you have 6 eggs per day? No. Experts suggest having 1 or 2 eggs per day unless you are prepping for some sports competition or hitting the gym. During summers it is suggested to have just one egg per day since eggs are heat your body from within.

Can eggs help you in weight loss?

Eggs are a good source of protein that can help you in repairing muscles, maintain blood sugar levels, provide strength, etc. While research has shown that eggs can help you in weight loss, it’s yolk has been linked to weight gain. Due to this people who are into fitness are instructed to eat egg expect the yolk. Today there are many egg diet programs are available that will make sure you will lose weight in a healthy way and also get all the essential nutrients.

Eggs when had for breakfast will make you full for long. It will help in boosting metabolism and also burn calories at the same time. They also help in maintaining strong bones and muscles.

The way you eat your eggs is also important. Boiled eggs are said to be the best since they are devoid of oil or any other extra fat. It is also said that the best time to eat eggs is during the breakfast. A maximum of 2 eggs is sufficient for an average person, one whole egg and one egg white. If you are looking for more protein source, then you can meet such requirements form other food items like lean meat.

To conclude, do not confuse boiled egg diet to just eating eggs for the whole day. Losing weight s always a mix of balanced diet and exercise. Just eating eggs will not make you lose weight. If you are finding it unable to lose weight, try changing your exercise routine or diet. If you are planning to follow any boiled egg diet, make sure to check out for any side effects that might be encountered by people who have already followed it.

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