Top 10 Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Want to know the benefits of jumping rope?

We always make excuses for not having enough time to exercise. We look for simple exercises which does not require spending hours at the gym. This is where jumping ropes will help you.

Jumping rope or skipping has been there for years. It is one of the most easiest and simplest exercise that you can do to burn calories, tone your muscles, and lose weight.

Some people think jumping rope is too simple and does not have any effect on our body. But you will be shocked when you find out the amazing benefits of jumping rope on your health and body that you will be inspired to start jumping right away.

1. Burns Calories

One of the biggest benefits of skipping is that it burns a lot of calories in a shorter period of time. And by burning calories you know for sure that you will lose weight and get fit.

Jumping rope works on your whole body. It is important to know that it not just works on lower body. It is a full body workout which helps in developing endurance and stamina when done regularly.

2. Good For Heart

When you have just begun jumping rope workout, you will notice that you cannot manage to jump beyond 2 minutes. Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout which pumps up your heart rate making you breath deeper and harder. It is also one of the easiest cardiovascular workout that you can do.

3. Tones Your Muscles

If you meet anyone who has been skipping regularly, do remind yourself to check their muscles and legs. You will be surprised to find out how tones their muscles are. By skipping regularly, you will make your muscles stronger.

4. Requires Less Time

If you are the kind of person who always makes excuses for not exercising regularly like no time to go to the gym, busy schedule, etc. then you will be happy to hear that skipping doesn’t take much of your time. All you need is a jumping rope, a small space and 15 minutes of your time to get started.

Even if you are busy, you can take 15 minutes of your time everyday and start skipping and get all the amazing health benefits of jumping rope.

5. Benefits Of Running

Jumping rope has the same benefits as running. Similar to running, skipping is also a good cardio activity. What makes skipping a good alternative compared to running is that it is less stressful than running. If you are someone who hates running but still want the same benefits, then you can start skipping.

6. Lose Weight

It is a known fact that burning calories leads to weight loss. Jumping rope burns a lot of calories and when combined with a balanced diet, you can be assured that you can melt away all the extra weight. Along with losing weight, skipping also makes your muscles train even harder.

7. Safe For Knees

Running puts a lot of pressure to your knees and will lead to joint pain. However, skipping will help in strengthening your muscles and knees and also your hips. Yes, you will feel some pain where you have just begun. But once the initial soreness in gone you can do skipping for more time without much pain. In case if you are feeling pain even after few days, then it is better to stop and consult a physician.

8. Makes Your Bones Stronger

As per a study done in Japan, jumping rope is said to increase the density of our bones, especially if started at a young age.

9. Less Injuries To Knees And Ankle

Since jumping rope increases the strength of muscles and joints, it is one of the primary workout routine for athletes. This leads to reduced injuries in ankle and knees. This is very helpful in sports which required quick movements like tennis.

10. Relaxation Benefits

One pf the most unexpected benefits of skipping is that it relaxes you. Since your body and mind is synchronised when you are skipping, you will enter an active, peaceful state.

It is never too late to start taking care of your health. If you have planning to change your body and mind, then start sipping today.

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