Top 10 Travel Hacks To make Your Trip Hassle Free

For some people traveling is effortless. They arrive their destination calm, look refreshed and not forgetting anything. And some others need a bit of help. This is where travel hacks come in handy. Below are top 10 cool travel hacks that can make you make your holiday smooth and happy.

1. Use dryer sheet to keep your luggage fresh

Your clothes tend to smell when they are in a suitcase for many hours. To prevent your clothes from smelling during your arrival you can simply keep a standard dryer sheet with your clothes. This way you can keep your clothes smelling fresh.

2. Transport jewellery using drinking straw

This is a clever hack that you can use to carry your favorite necklace without it getting tangled or possibly snapped. Take a drinking straw and thread one end of the necklace and bring it up to other end and clasp it up. If you are having dozens of jewellery you might consider getting a pill dispenser box. This can serve as a great organiser for all your earrings, trinkets and bracelets.

3. Using bubble wrap for laptop

If you want to carry your laptop minus your laptop bag, then you can use a bubble wrap envelope which makes for a perfect lightweight alternative. You can either buy a readymade bubble wrap case or make your own.

4. Always have a pen with you

This is one of the most simplest and useful travel hack. Always carry a pen wherever you go. Nothing is more frustrating than the need to fill a form or write down and address or phone number but finding out that you don’t have a pen with you. It’s more troublesome when you are in a foreign country and you can’t speak the local language. You will feel much more in control when you always have a pen in your pocket.

5. Take an empty water bottle

Many airports have regulations that don’t allow you to take water bottles above 100ml. But there is no rule which says that you can’t take an empty bottle. Water bottles at airport are overpriced. T to avoid paying hefty price for bottled water you can take an empty bottle with you and fill your bottle from filling stations once you make through the security.

6. Have a decoy wallet

Getting robbed is always a possibility when you are traveling. To lessen you chanced of getting robbed you can make use of a decoy wallet to keep all your extra cash which can confuse potential thieves. For example, you can roll up your money and fit it inside a lip balm tube. But do not forget to carry a spare purse for any change.

7. Carry makeup in contact lens cases

You can keep contents fresh by using contact lens cases since they are small and air tight. This makes it ideal to not only carry any type of fluids, you can also use them to carry your make up which would be enough to make up through your journey. They also take up minimal space in your luggage.

8. Carry a charge key

If you are frequent traveller and often forget to carry your phone charger with you, buy a useful gadget called as charge key. You can connect this to your laptop and charge your phone. This comes as a keyring so that you carry it with you all the time. You can also buy a power bank to charge your phone whenever you are on the move.

9. Scanning any important documents

By taking scans of your important documents such as passport, driving license, etc you could save yourself from a lot of hassle. This can also help you in case you lose your items and make it easier for the police to find it.

10. Take selfies

If you are taking expensive items with you such as camera, then taking a selfie with your items and saving it somewhere only you have access to can be useful. In case you lose and it’s handed over to your hotel’s lost property office, you can prove that the item is yours by showing the photo.

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