Top 10 Travel Tips For New Travelers

Everyone goes through a lot of emotions during their first trip. The sense of going on an adventure seems overwhelming. The sense of not knowing what’s ahead of us can seem exciting. But with all this excitement and confusion, we tend to make a lot of mistakes during our trip. Hence we have listed some useful travel tips below which will help you with your trip.

Do Not Rush

One of the biggest mistake new travellers make is that they rush things. They try to cram too many things into their plan and try to cover every place they can during their stay. However, this is only make you tired and you will end up with too much stress due to constant travel. This will result in lack of depth in your travel and you won’t be able to experience anything new.

So always try to travel deeper than travel more. What this means is, whenever you travel spend more time on experiencing the culture of a new place, experience new things rather than just visit a place just to get a glimpse.

Just Do It

Travel is all about adventure. But some adventures come with sense of fear which will make us back off from experiencing something different. This fear can be anything from booking that flight or starting a conversation or taking that jump.

It is alright to be afraid. But this fear should not make us back off from experiencing new things.  Just take that leap and let your fear guide you to experience some amazing things that you will remember for a lifetime.

Use Social Media

Social websites such as facebook has become a part of our life. While social media has become a big problem to our society, if used properly it can also work the other way around. We will be able to meet people who can make our travel much better.

Whenever you meet new people you can add them on social media. This way you will be connected to people all over the world. So even if you are travelling to a new place, your friends might suggest you people who can help you guide on your new adventure. This is such a common sense travel tip.

Save Your Memories

Due to the rise of instagram, we are so much focused on taking that perfect snap we actually forget to experience that perfect moment. Those crappy photos that you took when you first started travelling might not be instagram worthy but they still give you happy memories. So always remember to take photos only as a means to save memory of your trip and not to show off to others.

Keep More Budget

It is common that travel plans change or accidents happen during a trip. You can travel many parts of the world for less than $1000 a month but that does not mean that you have always keep a budget of $1000 for every trip. If feels great when your trip comes in your budget, but hurts a lot when you have a bad experience due to unexpected surprises. So always try to keep extra budget whenever you travel.

Do not judge a book by its cover

Sometimes we end up meeting people or a visit a place which will give us bad experience. This will make us think negative about the entire trip or the place. However, keep in mind that there are bad apples wherever you go. But do not conclude your trip just by one bad experience. People are generally kind to travellers and try to help in every way possible.

Always try to get to know a place before you plan before calling it undesirable. You might find some of the most interesting things in places which has bad reputations. Research and read reviews of other travellers who have already visited the place and try to make use of their experiences.

Try To Do Something Different

Whenever you travel to a new place, people are generally interested in you. Where you are from? Where you are going? How much you have travelled? You are going to get a lot of questions from many people. Accept them and be curious enough to ask them back. Meeting new people will give you new experiences. They might also help you guide to some amazing places and experiences.

Forget The Guidebook

Guidebooks are something common among every traveller. We all have a love-hate relationship with it. They though they contain many useful tips and filled with detailed guide about the destination, they also proved outdated information. Such guidebook will send all travellers down the same path and may not be as authentic now.

Instead talk to the locals and ask them what to do and where to go. You will be surprised to find out so many off beat locations and recommendations that the guidebook can never provide.

Less Is more

Another major problem when we travel is that we try to stuff to many things in our luggage thinking that we wouldn’t find what we need in a foreign location. This will leave us exhausted when we travel and make us less interested to explore. Try to keep your luggage to the minimum and take only what’s necessary such as your clothes, passport and cash. Thinking that you might not find toothpaste or shampoo is a big mistake. Research and pack your bags for the right seasons.

Say Yes

Planning everyday for that next trip will only leave you exhausted. Over planning results in missing spontaneous opportunities. SO whenever you get that chance to travel, say yes.

The world filled with adventure and not as scary or dangerous as it may seem. Just relax, pack your bags and get ready for that next adventure.

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