Top 14 Airport Tips That Will Make Your Travel Easier

Traveling is fun, but making your way through the airport can be hectic and exhausting. Below are 15 airport tips that can help you make your travel experience make easier.

1. Get your own snacks

Bring your own snacks when you are traveling. This way you don’t have to pay steep airport prices for the snacks. You can take food items like popcorn, energy bars, etc.

2. Take an empty water bottle

Buying a water bottle inside airport can cost you a lot. Instead you can take an empty water bottle with you and fill it up once you get past security. You will find many water filling stations inside the airport.

3. Check in advance

Make sure that you check in for your flight a few hours in advance so that you don’t to wait in line the airport. Checking in early will also avoid any unexpected traffic jams that you might encounter on your way to the airport. This is also a great way to select a good seat in case if you were not able to select your seat during your booking.

4. Don’t forget to wear socks

Most airports, especially in the US make you remove your shoes when you go through security. Airport floors can be dirty and in order to avoid standing barefoot on dirty floors make sure to wear socks. They will also come in handy to keep your feet warm.

5. Dress in layers while traveling

Airplane travels can be either extremely cold or extremely hot and there is no in between. To avoid any uncomfortable travel, make sure to wear dress in layers for a comfotable journey.

6. Get a portable charger

You might not find convenient charging stations at all airports or you might have to wait in a queue before you can charge your phone so be sure to take a portable charger with you so that you can charge your phone any place and any time.

7. Pack laptop and electronics in reachable place

You will have to take out any electronics or laptop from your luggage during security so pack it in such a way that they are easily removable and you don’t have to dig your way to reach it.

8. Take photos

If you are parking your car in the airport during your journey that make sure to click photos of your parking space and any signage to help you find it again after you return from your journey. It will also help you find any damage done by others after you have parked.

Also take photos of your checked in luggage so that if there are any rare chance that your luggage gets lost, having your luggage photo with you along with the recipe twill make things easier to locate your luggage later.

9. Take a hand sanitizer

Airports and airplanes are filled with germs, so having a hand sanitizer handy will make your travelling much more comfortable.

10. Search for sleeping spots

Sometimes your flight might get delayed for hours or flights with multiple stops may be long layovers. During such cases you might have to spend the night at airport which is not fun at all. But you can make your wait easier by researching sleeping spots in advance. There are websites which list sleeping spots available at airports. A little research before leaving for your journey can make it a little more comfortable.

11. Pack hotel toiletries

Bring travel sized toiletries along with you in your carryon luggage whenever you stay at hotel.

12. Put ribbon for your luggage

Tieing a colourful ribbon for your luggage will make it easier to find your luggage among any other similar luggage on the conveyer belt.

13. Head left at the security

Studies have shown that maximum number to people head right when they reach the security checkpoint. By heading furthest left will help you save a few minutes of your time.

14. Have a designated travel outfit

By having a comfortable designated travel outfit you will not find yourself searching for clothes whenever you travel.

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