Top 17 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Organize Your Baking Supplies

#11. Keep the baking supplies organized with these IKEA dry food containers.

kitchen cabinet ideas

Print some simple labels, and then write down what is inside the container.

#12. Organize baking supplies using jars and give them adorable labels.

kitchen cabinet ideas

Labels will let you never mix up your different flours or baking powders again.

#13. Take full advantage of the vertical space in the cabinet by hanging measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, KitchenAid mixer attachments, and other baking-related items on the key rails or command hooks.

kitchen cabinet ideas

#14. Install the pegboard in the drawer and use the dowels to hold the baking utensils in place.

kitchen cabinet ideas

#15. A baking station that rolls out only when needed.

kitchen cabinet ideas

#16. Turn a $50 bookcase into a very organized and functional baking station.

kitchen cabinet ideas

#17. Do not let the space of toe kicks go wasted, it can be used to build drawers for baking supplies storage.

kitchen cabinet ideas

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