Top 5 Home Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

home renovation mistakes

It is common to make mistakes when we plan to renovate our home but we should make sure that they don’t end up being costly.  Below are top 5 renovation mistakes that you should avoid which can help you minimize your spending.

1. The first mistake you should avoid is the use of cheap materials. It is common during renovation to run on a tight budget which makes us opt for cheap work. For example, plumbing fixtures with cheap finish might look nice but a malfunctioning water source will make a mess of all the hard work. Same thing goes for flooring also. You might find an alternate twin brand which is cheap but 90% of the time cheap materials wear off quickly compared to quality materials. This will add up to your cost over time.

2. Second mistake to avoid is to wait to fix some issue that you have discovered. Once you have found some issue fix it immediately rather than wait for 6 months to 1 year to fix it. In the long run such fixes will cost you cheaper rather than waiting to fix such issues when they get bigger. Additional damages that have been caused due to waiting can become huge.

3. Third mistake to avoid is the use of carpet. Carpets are hard to maintain as they are dirty often and need constant upkeep. If you live in a rental property it will add to unnecessary spending as they require changing more often than any other kind of flooring so it if highly recommended to avoid the use of carpets.

4. The fourth mistake to avoid is to keep a small budget for your renovation projects. Whenever you plan your renovation budget, add atleast 20% additional budget so that you are covered. Renovations are tricky and there might be things that suddenly come to your mind that might require renovation. For such unplanned and surprise renovation needs it is better to keep extra budget.

5. Similar to budgeting, it is important not to underestimate that time you invest for your renovation. You might run into additional work that should be done and you should not run into time constraints during such situations. So always try to give 7 to 10 days of time when you plan for renovation projects. You don’t want to rush things at the last moment for all the hard work you have done.

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