Top 5 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Water Retention And Lose Weight

Some of the symptoms of water retention include stiff joints, swollen feet and legs and puffiness. There are 3 types of water retention. medical fluid, cyclical and general water retention. the first one is caused by health issues like arthritis, heart diseases, lupus, etc. The second and third type is associated with lifestyle and not health conditions.

The first type of water retention, that is medical fluid retention has to be treated by doctors.  If your health is fine but still experience water retention, then you can follow the following steps to help you get comfort during water retention.

Water Retention Symptoms

Because of water retention we might be less active than usual. Some of the symptoms of water retention include:

– Skin indentation

– Stiff joints

– Fluctuations in weight

– Puffiness in hips, face and abdomen

– Bloating

– Swollen feet and legs

How To Reduce Water Retention?

Follow the below steps to reduce water retention and also lose water weight.

1. Eliminate Stress

Whenever we are stressed our body releases a stress hormone knows as cortisol. A study has found that cortisol in linked to increased fluid retention. In order to relieve stress practice meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and learn how to relax.

2. Relax In The Sauna

Sauna not only helps you to relax, it also helps in decreasing water retention. Since you begin to sweat immediately and lose a lot of body water due to sweating, sauna is a good way to fight back against water retention.

3. Exercise

If your work mostly involves sitting on a chair for hours, then you must have noticed that your legs and ankles are swollen. Sedentary work or sitting for too long can cause water retention. You can avoid this by making your life more active by going to the gym, playing sports, swimming, etc.

4. Adjust Eating Habits

By eating foods that are rich in proteins, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, etc, it can help you in decreasing water retention. Some of the foods that you can eat are eggs, avocado, pineapple, figs, apricots, etc. At the same time avoid eating salty foods like instant foods, aerated drinks, cookies, etc.

5. Get Good Sleep

Lack of sleep can have negative impact on our health and can cause serious health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. They are also known to cause water retention since they affect renal nerves in our kidneys. It is suggested to get 7-8 hrs to sleep every day.

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